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    Staying on the right side of accessibility is more than just a smart business move, it’s also a legal requirement, not only for academic and government institutions, but for an ever-growing sector of the commercial network as well. The most efficient way to maintain accessibility for people with disabilities is to select an experienced and reliable company to test website accessibility and monitor website changes for your business.


    Maintaining compliance is vital for your business, and what’s current today on your site might be inaccessible tomorrow as software and hardware alter the technology. In order to maintain currency for your internet accessibility, and meet accessibility regulations – you need professional monitoring on an ongoing basis. A-2-Z Internet Accessibility and Marketing helps our clients to test website accessibility as their business or organization maintains an online presence that is accessible to all, regardless of whatever physical or cognitive disabilities some users might be dealing with. Maintaining compliance status keeps your company in good standing with legal requirements.


    Changes to your internet site and infrastructure can transform your once-accessible website into a barrier for people with disabilities if the necessary testing and monitoring isn’t done and problems aren’t resolved. Websites are constantly being updated and this can inadvertently result in a breach of accessibility laws. Assistive technologies need to be tested to ensure that they continue to provide trouble-free access for persons who may have impairment issues or limitations. An up-to-date Accessibility Declaration is the foundation of your company’s promise to all visitors to your website that you are proactively complying with all measures designed to facilitate their access to your services. Are all your PDFs accessible to everyone? With A-2-Z providing ongoing accessibility review services, all of these features and more are regularly checked. Any new problems are identified, and solutions are put in place, so that your company or organization can focus on the services and products that you provide while behind the scenes, A-2-Z makes certain that information on those products and services can be accessed by everyone.


    A-2-Z’s professional team adheres to all accessibility regulations and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), in order to meet the highest standards for accessibility. You can rest assured, knowing that our team has expertise necessary to test website accessibility, including your templates, and flag up any indication that your accessibility might not be reaching the desired standards.


    Regardless of what field your company represents, you’re committed to providing customer satisfaction for everyone who goes online to explore your services and learn more about your business. For people with disabilities who are searching your website, that online world is one where there are no barriers to their access because A-2-Z Internet Accessibility and Marketing has done a thorough job of vetting your site. Our Accessibility Audit tests it, our Letter of Conformance confirms it, and our Accessibility Declaration guarantees it!

    Don’t wrestle with the challenges of maintaining website accessibility on your own. Call on A-2-Z to provide ongoing web accessibility testing, so that you can continue to keep all your customers satisfied.


    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) set the standards which accessibility testing companies follow in order to ensure that no one is excluded from being able to navigate a public website. At A-2-Z Internet Accessibility and Marketing, our professional team has the expertise that’s needed to perform comprehensive web accessibility testing. The benefits are twofold: first, no sector of the population will be denied access to your website and the products and services that you provide. Second, government legislation has made access for people with disabilities a requirement.

    When you entrust your website accessibility to A-2-Z, you’re placing your trust in a company that has delivered accessibility compliance for nearly 20 years. An accessibility test online can verify your templates to determine whether they are aligned with government and WCAG standards. If they aren’t, we’ll flag the issues and show you how to resolve the problems.

    Your website is the global portal to your business. With our web accessibility testing, we’ll let you know whether your website, mobile applications, social media, PDF documents, and WordPress sites provide full access for people with disabilities.

    There are many accessibility testing companies out there. Choose the one that universities, health care facilities, financial centers, governments, and other sectors have relied upon. Choose A-2-Z.